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    What Types Of Weather Are Worst For My Roof?

    Hailstorm roof repair weather conditionsStorms

    When tiles and shingles on the roof are blown by the wind, the cause lies not just in the strength of the storms, but mostly in the non-compliance with the norms in force regarding the structural elements of the roof and their fastenings. Some roof repair Southlake TX roofers, out of the desire to reduce costs, work with poor quality materials or ignore the strength of the roof structure. Beneficiaries too are partly to blame when they consciously sacrifice security for money.


    Hail is dangerous for any type of roof, especially if the hail stones are large. The damage can be seen more or less and, although you may be tempted to believe that a few cracked ceramic tiles are worse than a few dents in metal shingles, things are not like that. Hail damage is still damage, no matter how significant it seems. It weakness the roof, so it must be fixed immediately.

    Snow accumulations

    The cold season comes with many challenges for a roof, of which snow accumulations have the greatest damaging potential. Firstly because of the weight of the snow, and then because the snow can easily turn into ice, creating ice dams, blocking gutters and downspouts and favoring water infiltrations.


    Factors to Consider When Choosing Your New Roof

    When you want a new roof, there are a lot of options that might be at your disposal. However, aside from just picking a roofing material or product because we feel like it, it’s often a good idea to think about why we want that particular roof and how it might help...

    Special Requirements for Roofs in Southlake TX

    In most cases, ignoring the environment and climate of the area might land you in a lot of trouble. If you get a roof installed in that area, and the roof isn’t built to withstand the storms, heat, cold or anything else mother nature has to throw at it, then it will...