storm wind hail sun gutter roofing damage

Hailstorms usually come with heavy raining, high winds and smaller or larger ice balls, all of which can cause severe harm in gutters, especially the ones made from aluminum or tin. Here are some of the most common types of gutter damage caused by hail:

  • Holes – hailstones can punch holes in the gutter pipes, making the pipes unable for fulfilling their role of channeling water away from the roof and the roof;
  • Dragging – ice is heavier than water, so if a huge amount of ice gathers in the pipes, the affected gutter pipe sections or even the entire gutter system can be dragged down and caused to sag;
  • Loosened fasteners – the weight of the ice can also cause the fasteners that hold the gutters in place to become loose and to become unable to hold the gutter in place;
  • Dents – this is perhaps the mildest form of damage caused by hail, but also a type of damage that should not be neglected because dents that are not repaired can lead to the appearance of rust, holes and they can also weaken the entire drainage system;
  • Clogging – strong hail storms also carry lots of small debris, such as leaves, feathers and nuts, that can clog the gutter popes as well as the downspouts.  In the case any of these type of issues arise be sure to have roofing Southlake TX professionals out immediately.