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Skylights are simple functional solutions that can bring a lot of benefits.

Bringing light into the living space is certainly the main advantage, given that natural light is beneficial to health, helping to increase comfort, good mood, while facilitating the expansion of the living space. The addition of a skylight allows people to live more comfortably in relation to their biological clock and in harmony with nature.

The second benefit is that the use of natural light sources contributes to reducing operating costs. Additionally, the installation of a skylight can also solve the problem of natural ventilation of the room – an important aspect for ensuring air quality and improving the living standards.

Ensuring privacy in the living space is a third benefit. When more homes are built close to each other, installing a window with view to the neighbors’ property is not a desirable situation, because it reduces privacy. Skylights can save the day; they bring natural light and extra comfort without affecting your privacy in bedrooms, hallways or bathrooms.

The installation of a skylight is done through a breakthrough in the roof plan, so certain mistakes both in its installation and in a new roof installation can certainly generate problems. Replacing the roof around an existing skylight can be done safely if the workers are professionals like what you find here and know exactly what to do.