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    Your Ultimate Summer Roof Maintenance Checklist

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    Roof maintenance is a continuous process, with specific tasks for each season. Here is how to maintain your roof in summer:

    • Inspect the roof and the attic – if you have had any roofing issues during the spring, the summer is the best time to check everything and to find the source of the leak. It is also a great time to check the sensitive roof components, such as the flashing, for any issues that need to be fixed;
    • Roof repairs – the dry days of summer are the best for roof repairs. Whether you need to get some shingles replaced, if you need to remove an old, sagging gutter section and replace it with new pipes, pick a day that is bright, but not too hot. Summer is also a great time to arrange for more extensive roof repairs or roof replacement as well;
    • Trim your trees – if you have old trees around your home, the summer is the best time to check the limbs of those trees and to trim any branch that overhangs the roof to prevent any damage caused by a fallen limb and to reduce the debris that the tree drops on the roof;
    • Insulation – if you don’t have any insulation in your attic, this summer you can insulate the space to reduce heat loss during the upcoming colder months.

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